City Guide app logoOver the years we’ve all thumbed our way through a travel guide in a bid to get the most out of our weekend city break. We’ve highlighted the things we want to do and see, and worked out a rough plan of how to get around. Then all we’ve needed to find is somewhere to put our 200-odd page guide book while we’re doing it!

Or, the more tech-savvy amongst us might have bookmarked our favourite travel articles from blogs and websites to read from our mobile devices on-the-fly. We’ve even used Google Maps to help us get around. Just as long as there’s a 3G signal and enough data on our mobile device to last us. Which can be particularly difficult and expensive if we’re in a different country.

Well, here’s a concept you might not have considered. What if you had access to an app that not only provides the information from the travel article but includes a route map, too. And what if it could also guide you around by using its embedded GPS coordinates? Which means that it knows where you are at any one given time and can direct you to the recommended locations from the article without getting lost!

Welcome to the world of GPS-guided travel articles.

And, the good news is that we’ve teamed up with GPSmyCity to produce our very own self-guided travel article apps based on some of our favourite blog posts. That’s in addition to the thousands of other article apps from over 700 cities that are available for download from the GPSmyCity app.

GPSmyCity app 2

How does it work?

All you need to do is download the FREE GPSmyCity app to your mobile device from their website or directly from iTunes. Once you’ve done that you can then download the individual article apps. In fact, these apps are also FREE, which you can then choose to upgrade to the GPS-enabled version for just $1.99.

Once downloaded to your iOS device, you’ll no longer have the need for the internet as everything is offline and GPS takes care of the rest.

GPSmyCity app 1

The Above Us Only Skies apps

We’re launching two articles today…

One night in Bangkok
4 things you must do in Amritsar

And, to celebrate the launch we’re offering a free upgrade to our One Night in Bangkok app so you can see how it works (up to and including Sunday 25 September 2016).

To download, simply click on the link. If you haven’t already downloaded the GPSmy City app you’ll be prompted to do so first. Once downloaded you’ll then be re-directed to the article app, where you’ll find an option to upgrade to the offline map and GPS-enabled version if you wish to do so.

Of course, we’ll let you know when more of our travel articles become available.

GPSmyCity app 3

Note: Just so you know, as part of our partnership with GPSmyCity we’ll receive a small commission each time one of our travel apps is upgraded. We’d like to feel it’s a small reward for the long days and nights required to maintain a travel blog!

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